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The following steps must be followed when initiating a Warranty Claim:

1) Information must be filled in for required fields on our on-line Application for Warranty form which can be found at Repairs are not to be performed without authorization from FreFlyt Industries. Repairs/replacements without prior authorization from FreFlyt Industries may void the warranty claim.
2) Once all the required information is submitted, you will be assigned a unique tracking number. This number should be referenced on all correspondence, invoices and tags attached to parts that may be required to be returned for evaluation.
3) When authorization has been given by FreFlyt Industries, you will be assigned a selection from the rate table that corresponds to your claim. All replacement parts must be purchased through FreFlyt Industries when possible. If circumstances prevent this from happening, all original invoices must be provided to FreFlyt Industries for approval.

When processing warranty claim, please be aware of the following:

1) Freflyt Warranty covers the components of the trailer manufactured by Freflyt. All purchased components carry the individual manufacturer’s warranty (typically 1 to 2 years) including drums, slacks adjusters, air chambers, brake shoes, valves etc. Brake linings, shoes, camshafts, bearings, seals and all other wearable components are not included in this Warranty and will be subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty and allotted hourly labor rates. There is no other Warranty, expressed or implied. FreFlyt Industries is not liable for incidental, consequential or indirect damages of any kind including labor, towing charges, down-time expenses, cargo damages or other losses resulting from defective components covered under this Warranty.
2) All potential warranty claims require an evaluation of all the information supplied BEFORE any repairs are performed and a unique tracking number is obtained.
3) In most cases, warranty claims involving the spindle or beam require the axle to be returned for a thorough evaluation. Failing to return the requested parts/components to FreFlyt Industries for evaluation may delay or void a warranty claim. It is the customer’s responsibility and cost to return the product for evaluation to FreFlyt Industries. If it is determined that the claim is covered by the warranty, FreFlyt Industries may reimburse any shipping cost incurred to have the components returned for evaluation. Shipping costs, including any duty or brokerage, will not be reimbursed if it is determined FreFlyt Industries is not responsible for the cause or concern.
4) FreFlyt warranty does not cover reimbursement for down time costs associated with Freflyt product. While FreFlyt Industries makes every effort to minimize the time it takes to process a claim, some warranty claim investigations can be time consuming. (If urgent parts are required in order to minimize down time, these parts should be purchased through FreFlyt Industries customer service representatives.) Upon completion of the Warranty investigation, FreFlyt Industries will set the total costs covered by the warranty using established labour rates, time tables and purchased replacement parts.
5) Only original invoices with explanations will be accepted.
6) Irregular tire wear is a sign of problems relating to tire pressure, toe, castor, alignment, ride height, etc. These are installation and maintenance concerns. Replacement of tires is not covered under FreFlyt Industries Warranty.

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