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Length 13.258m
Overall Width 8/6 2.59m
Wheelbase 8.001m (centre of axle 1 to centre of axle 4)
Axle Spread 1.37m on each group
GAWR 10,227kg
GVWR 40,823kg
Tare Weight 6,600kg (4 bunks and 24.5 wheels(Al) and tires)
Turntable Holland 43”
Tractor Pintle Height approximately 35”±
Main Rails QT100 ½” flange; 5/16” web; and T style cross-members, fully welded
Bunks & Stakes See separate bunk and stake specification variables
Lift Mollies One front and one at centre/balance point
Optional: Tip-off
Air System Steel air tanks
Meritor in-line air filtration system on service and emergency lines
Hostler valve at front on emergency line for front axle group
Hostler valve at rear on emergency line for rear axle group
Wheels 22.5 or 24.5 Various steel and aluminum options
Tires Dunlop, Firestone, Michelin, etc.
Serial Plate Canada
CVIP Current
System Ingersoll 11,340kg 5” tube; 5/8” wall axles
Option: bolt-on spiders
Trunnion + FreFlyt walking beams on each axle group
Optional: SI or Vulcan single point electronic trunnion scale pads
Wheel Seals Stemco, grit guards
Brakes 16.5x7” = 419.1mm x 177.8mm Extended life (Rockwell 23,000 lb)
Service brakes only on front tandem group
Option: Maxi brakes on front group and Maxi chambers on rear group
Antilock Braking Meritor Wabco
- Front: 2S1M Dollie ABS
- Rear: 2S2M Standard ABS
Auto Slack Adjusters Rockwell or Bendix
Spring Brake Pots 30/30 TSE Maxi-brake
Wheel End Standard: Duralite hub & cast drum
Optional: Centrifuse drum, Aluminum hubs
Optional: Hubodometer – Metric or Imperial
Paint & Finish
Blast Preparation Completely sand blasted
Primer Aliphatic epoxy primer inside and out
Top Coat Aliphatic urethane / acrycote systems – all colors available
Wiring Harness Severe duty sealed Arctic 7 wire harness system c/w front and rear junction boxes
Custom designed by FreFlyt
Bobtail sealed light bar harness
Lighting Trucklite LED as per CMVSS with side signals
Protective Features
Mud-flaps Reflective tape on trailer and stakes
Safety Mini LED marker lights front facing on the front bunk and rear facing on the last bunk
Schematic PDF Download
Short Log Quad Trailer Mechanical Suspension Front & Rear Spring Brakes
Short Log Quad Trailer Mechanical Suspension Modified Brakes - F Air Pots/R Spring Brakes
Quad Trailer Wiring Schematic

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